What is a CLASS mentor?

A CLASS mentor refers to any of the following professionals:

  • Professors
  • Teachers
  • Learning Specialists
  • Academic Coaches
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Certified Professionals
  • Trained Subject Experts
  • Professional Writers
  • Published Authors
  • Admissions Coaches
  • Wellness Counselors
  • Career Coaches
  • Industry Experts
  • Executive & Life Coaches


Am I qualified to be a CLASS mentor?

Anyone can become a CLASS mentor, if you possess the professional credentials such as subject-related degrees, certificates or relevant experiences.

Who is a CLASS learner? Does a learner simply mean a student?

Anyone from 7th Grade and above. CLASS learners include not only regular students from high school to PhD but also anyone who wants to learn a skill or needs support for a learning purpose.

What differs CLASS with other tutoring services?

  • Unlike most of tutoring services that focus only on tutoring, CLASS is a one-stop shop that provides services for any learner from 7th Grade and above including tutoring, skill development, coaching, counseling and much more, which can be found on the CLASS website.
  • CLASS is distinct in the following aspects:
    1. Every CLASS’s mentor must possess the relevant professional credentials in order to be considered. Each applicant needs to go through the review process to ensure that the applicant has the qualification to mentor learners.
    2. In CLASS, mentors can set their own rate. CLASS does not dictate the hourly rate of mentors.
    3. CLASS offers its own contents contributed by the global learning community to its subscribed members only.

How long is the free membership trial? What happens after the free trial?

6 months.

After Free Membership Trial, you can continue to take advantage of what CLASS offers by becoming a regular CLASS member.

What is included in the CLASS membership?

CLASS membership grants the access to the CLASS online scheduling and learning system; CLASS exclusive educational resources; CLASS mentor’s database; CLASS mentors’ educational resources. Once you book with a mentor, you will have the access to mentor’s educational resources.

I am a learner. Can I cancel a class? What if it is an emergency?

A learner can cancel a booked session at any time.

To avoid a penalty, the learner must cancel the booked session at least 2 hours before the lesson starts.

If the cancellation occurs less than 2 hours before the session starts, the learner will be fully charged for the booked session. Lessons not attended for any reason by the student without cancelling 2 hours prior to the session shall be charged at the full rate.

In the event of an emergency, the learner should contact CLASS with compelling evidence to demonstrate the inability of attending the class, CLASS will review the evidence and decide about offering a refund.

What happens if I do not show up in the live session?

Lessons not attended for any reason by the student without cancelling 2 hours prior to the session shall be charged at the full rate.

Can I book a tutoring session for longer than 1 hour?

In order to maximize the learning outcome and reduce the mental fatigue, CLASS sets two session options: 30 minutes and 60 minutes.  If you plan to work with the same mentor for longer than 1 hour, you need to book another session based on your mentor’s availability.

What should I do to have a successful session?

When you log into your account and book a session with a mentor, make sure you communicate with the mentor clearly, include information such as your questions, areas that need help, your purpose for the session, or anything that helps the mentor to prepare.

Can I deactivate my account? What happens if I deactivate my account?

You may deactivate your account for any reason and at any time throughout the services by going to your profile page and click “Deactivate Account” if all your financial transactions have been processed including payment of assessed fees.

In the event that you want to reactivate your account, you can go to the confirmation email you received when you deactivate your account. There is a link in the email to reactivate your account.

What is the difference between Deactivating Account and Delete Account?

When you deactivate your account, your information is still kept in your account for the sake of preserving the information that you may need in the future.

When you delete your account, all the information you have on your account will be permanently deleted. CLASS cannot retrieve the information.

What do e-Creatives refer to?

CLASS e-creatives refer to all talents around the world, who are savvy in technology and certain area of learning subject, and who love to indulge their imagination to contribute their original ideas to the CLASS’s effort of developing a unique CLASS‘s e-Resources Hub through Open Projects, which can help learners around the globe to achieve their learning, and academic or career goals


What is an Open Project?

An Open Project is an open competition that calls for the participation of e-creatives who has the subject knowledge pertinent to the project and has the ability to make the contents educational and fun! The details of the Open Projects including the title, full description, requirements, deadline, and “bid” button are posted on the e-Creatives page of CLASS’s website.

Can I participate in Open Projects competition without using your services?

Absolutely! Anyone who would like to contribute to the success of learners is welcome to participate in our Open Projects!

What is the winner selection process? Who decides the Open Project winners?

  1. Each submission will go through an approval process administered by CLASS before it is made available to the CLASS members to review and rate.
  2. The results of the CLASS community’s ratings determines who are the top three highest-rated educational content contributors. These three contributors will become the winners of the Open Project competition.

How do I get the monetary award if I am the winner?

CLASS announces the top three winners of each bid on the website, and the winners will receive their awards at the address provided when registering.

Can I participate in more than one Open Project?

Yes. You can participate in any Open Project. There is no limit to the number of projects that you can bid. However, it is regarded as a good practice and professionalism that you should know the subject matter before participating any competition.

What are the technology requirements to use the CLASS’s service?

You need a computer that has the internet connection. Since the lessons are delivered online, a fast network will be likely to yield more positive results.

I’m a mentor. Can I set up my own schedule?

Class mentors set up their own online sessions whenever you want to teach.

How many subjects can I select to mentor?

The maximum number of subjects that a mentor can select to offer services to learners is 8. CLASS believes it is for the best interest of mentors and benefits of learners when mentors have the focus on the services they provide.

Can I set up my own hourly price?

Absolutely! In fact, that makes CLASS your top choice. CLASS values and respects all mentors’ hardworking, and subject expertise, and therefore, CLASS does not dictate your value. CLASS believes that happy educators lead to successful learners.

Why do I get the payment different from the price that I set?

Mentors set up their own hourly rates. The payment you receive is after the  deduction of the fee charged by CLASS to cover our service costs.

Why do I see a different rate after I make a schedule?

When you make your schedules, you will see an increase on top of the hourly rate you set up. The extra charge is to cover the CLASS’s cost for providing the services.


We value you as a CLASS community member. Your compliments, complaints, and suggestions are all important to our growth and improvement.