Comprehensive and Customized Services

Partner with us and take advantage of CLASS’s comprehensive and customized learning platform. Our experienced mentors, personalized services, and exclusive resources will provide learners with the highest quality academic support and learning experience.

Partner with CLASS to empower your learners


How would you like to give your students and learners access to an educational platform that is ready to enhance their educational experience on their time? CLASS mentors and educators are available to students around the world—anytime and anywhere!

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Complementary Support

Designed to readily address academic centers and students’ needs, the CLASS Heuristic Solutions platform is fully developed to support every learner’s unique needs and requests. When coming to the organization’s needs for academic support, writing, counseling, advising centers, and much more, CLASS is your top choice for complementary resources.

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Cost-effective Solution

Working together with CLASS is an effective way to reduce your spending on managing human resources and other academic center services without sacrificing the students’ learning experience. CLASS offers a specialized and cost-effective package designed specifically for organizations like you.

Let's Invest in Students Together!

CLASS partnerships are as customized and unique as your needs and your students. As academic support service professionals in colleges, we know what you need and what you look for to seek a richer understanding of a topic. We are empathetic to students’ frustration. Let’s work together to save your resources and efforts. Contact CLASS to find effective ways of working together to transform your learners’ lives.

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  • Click “Contact Us” on any page and let us know the best time at your convenience that we can contact you. CLASS welcomes any opportunity to work with anyone who wants to change learners’ lives.
  • It will be beneficial to tell us what goals you hope to accomplish and what types of service you expect to offer to your students through the partnership. We will create a package that specifically tailors to your needs.
  • When you have a need, we have a solution. Our services will be a perfect complement to yours and your students will have access to CLASS’s most experienced mentors, comprehensive services, and exclusive resources.
  • CLASS is committed to the success of all learners just as you do. With the common goal in mind, we believe CLASS is your reliable resource to help your students reach their full potential.

We value you as a CLASS community member. Your compliments, complaints, and suggestions are all important to our growth and improvement.